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she's clearly a sullen oddity

apathetically unappealing

24 year-old (recovering) fuck up. Senior undergrad studying philosophy and religion. Taking it one step at a time towards getting my PhD in philosophy and becoming a professor. My friends tell me I'm too logical, and that arguing with me is annoying and frustrating... of course my reason only applies to the things *outside* my head... That being said:

I'm complete head case with a nice cocktail of mental illnesses (with the diagnoses and a pharmacy in my bedroom to prove it!).

I'm fascinated by philosophy; it's what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going throughout the day. metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophy of religion are my favorites right now, and I can't ever get enough Kierkegaard. It seems though that each new topic/person/theme in philosophy that I study becomes my favorite so all of this may change by next week.

Currently I am also (once again) attempting recovery from the world of starving, binging, puking and compulsive over-exercising. I'm also working on maintaining my sobriety; March 6th, 2007 is my sobriety date and November 23, 2007 was the last time I purged. I'm working the 12 steps program with Eating Disorders Anonymous and AA, and I'm finding it life-changing.

I work for the county I live in at the hazardous waste drop off site (i.e. "the dump") and also work part time as a chemical dependency technician at a local treatment center for adolescents.

note: this isn't one of those deep, intelligent journals. Rarely will i say anything profound. mostly its just my bitching space... Maybe as my physical and emotional health continues to improve that will change... but either way you can't read most of it unless you're my "friend"...
so there really is no point in bothering to look at it... but if you really care that much, ask and I'll add you.